An international fashion research project exploring the 'craft of use'


The link between a person and a garment can never be planned for, but has lasting impact when a garment becomes a life-long companion. It reveals the potential for change in each individual and often marks that in the associations with a piece, for single, small actions can have big effects.

Compensation bag

"I bought this leather bag when I finished my military service. So, as a South Korean, every man [has to] go to military service and we get paid a very small [salary], monthly. It is like, compared to normal job, it is basically nothing. For two years I kept all my money; normally people spend their money for, you know, buy some snacks, cigarettes and drinks; but I bought that bag. One bag. But that was kind of expensive, but, you know, a compensation.

So I bought that bag, and then that bag became everyone's favourite, not my favourite but… well it is kind of my favourite too…"

New York - January 2013
Photograph by Ellinor Stigle