An international fashion research project exploring the 'craft of use'

Intensive Use

Some garments are worn almost daily. They become both a backdrop to - and practical facilitator of - our lives and reflect true resourcefulness. Their features speak of an ethic of extended iterative use.

Clogs for Knees

"These clogs I bought because I work standing up for eight hours a day and my knees and my feet were killing me so… So these are nurse's clogs, but they are so comfortable that I've actually worn them every single day they since I bought them. Minus maybe twenty, like in the summer… so I reckon about 400 days. When I walk the heels rub together so this part of the leather is been worn off which is kind of goofy… [it is] because the clogs are loose and when I take a step my heel comes out of the clog up to a certain amount. And then, of course, there is a little bit of wear on the heels. I have bought a couple other pairs of shoes in the last year and they've been clogs… Now I know that this kind of footwear really works for my feet and for my body, I wear them when I’m dressing up or whatever."

Vancouver - January 2013
Photograph by Jeremy Calhoun