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The link between a person and a garment can never be planned for, but has lasting impact when a garment becomes a life-long companion. It reveals the potential for change in each individual and often marks that in the associations with a piece, for single, small actions can have big effects.

Family ties

"This jumper that was knitted by my Grandmother, probably in the late seventies I think. She knitted it using a whole lot of left over pieces of wool that she had, so just using up all the scraps, that’s why it’s striped in different colours. And she knitted it, I don’t think for anyone in particular actually. And I remember, distinctly, that she tried to give it to me and get me to wear it when I was about fifteen, sixteen and it was hand-knitted, it’s very colourful and I wouldn’t touch it. I wanted to be as inconspicuous as possible when I was that age so I never wanted to wear it and I didn’t like it. And then, I think I was about eighteen or nineteen, and I guess most girls go through their mother’s wardrobes at about that age and try and find old dresses and things and I found it again and at that point I really, really liked it and since then I’ve kind of made it my own and it’s been travelling with me and comes out in the winter, reminds me of my Grandmother and my Mother also, and just keeps on going."

London - January 2011
Photograph by Sean Michael

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