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Upcoming Photoshoot in New York, New York

  • Kate and Katelyn | January 10, 2013

Local Wisdom will be in New York on 26 January 2013. 

This will kick off our project with Timo Rissanen and Parsons The New School for Design.  

Saturday 26 January 2013
10:00am - 4:00pm
2 West 13th Street (Corner of 5th Avenue)
New York, NY 10011

What should you bring to be photographed? Perhaps you have a garment that is…

• Is easily repairable
• Is worn regularly and has never been washed (and isn’t leather!)
• Is enjoying a third, fourth or fifth life
• Surprises you each time you wear it

• Shows or tells the story of how it’s been used
• Is worn in ways that defy the producer’s values
• Is adapted over and again in order to meet changing needs
• Has interchangeable parts that can be worn in different ways
• Is shared between people 
• Connects you to others
• Is worn in response to changing economic and environmental concerns
• Is made up of interchangeable pieces that can be worn in different ways

Images from the recent photoshoot in London...

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