An international fashion research project exploring the 'craft of use'

Alternative Dress Codes

The choices we make about what we wear are influenced by life present, lives past and our ideas about our future selves. Expressions of values, aspirations, heritage, understanding and the physical shape of our bodies build a rationale for dress that transcend narrow commercial views about fashion. Instead they give us broader perspectives that honour our reality as well as our aspirations; and connect our psyche with our fibre and fashion choices.

Citizen of planet Earth

"What I wear came from all over the world. I got my jeans from India, my shoes from Canada… my jacket is from Japan. As much as I’d like to respect the local fashion industry I also feel quite comfortable wearing something made all over the world because I’m in the 21st century and I am a citizen of planet Earth. It reflects who I am.

My ethnic background and my passport, they don’t match. My identity is quite complex in that respect. And the borders between the countries -well borders are going to be there but it’s getting, let’s say, lower and lower. It’s not like a high wall any longer. You can see the other side through the various media including internet or Facebook."

Melbourne - March 2013
Photograph by Paul Allister