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Alternative Dress Codes

The choices we make about what we wear are influenced by life present, lives past and our ideas about our future selves. Expressions of values, aspirations, heritage, understanding and the physical shape of our bodies build a rationale for dress that transcend narrow commercial views about fashion. Instead they give us broader perspectives that honour our reality as well as our aspirations; and connect our psyche with our fibre and fashion choices.

Six Pockets

"This is a very prosaic Goretex rain jacket. It’s like my number one favourite garment. For two reasons. One, it’s the ideal piece of outerwear for San Francisco. You know, because the weather changes often… good for a windbreaker, it’s totally versatile. And the other thing I like about it, is it has eight pockets. So it’s totally good for logistics because I’m a logistics person. I love garments with pockets… A utility belt, that’s what you need. Or a fisherman’s vest, I’d love to have one of those, except you look so dorky!

I have to have a minimum of six [pockets in every garment]. That’s just because I wear glasses so I need a place to put the case, a place to put the phone – it doesn’t put the same place as the case because the phone will get scratched. And then you know I have other bad habits which require their own pocket. And I have a pencil and notepad in one pocket and wallet and keys in one so you know you fill up your six pockets pretty quick…

San Francisco - July 2012
Photograph by Paige Green