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Alternative Dress Codes

The choices we make about what we wear are influenced by life present, lives past and our ideas about our future selves. Expressions of values, aspirations, heritage, understanding and the physical shape of our bodies build a rationale for dress that transcend narrow commercial views about fashion. Instead they give us broader perspectives that honour our reality as well as our aspirations; and connect our psyche with our fibre and fashion choices.

Lucky T

"I brought my lucky Madonna t-shirt… I will never let this garment go. I usually wear it for like events, where I feel like I need an extra bit of luck. Its kind of like that garment. I’ll wear it under something. Actually the first time I directed something, I wore it. And it was just a part of my outfit. And I especially loved it just that it had the ‘Like a Virgin Tour’ on the back of it. It felt like first directing. It has brought me luck five times… and I got this when I was twelve. Madonna was my first concert but my parents wouldn’t let me buy a t-shirt. And I was six or seven. And then I found it in a vintage store when I was twelve. I was buying my prom dress actually and I found it in the same bin that I found my prom dress is in. And I got this, and the prom dress is long gone but I still have this."

New York - January 2013
Photograph by Ellinor Stigle