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Portraits and stories from Melbourne now up!

  • Kate and Katelyn | May 14, 2013

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We are happy to share stories and portraits gathered during the recent photoshoot in Australia at the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology

Full stories and portraits from Melbourne here.

Thank you so much to our photographer, Paul Allister for capturing these stunning images and to Jo Cramer at RMIT for organising such a brilliant day. 

Some quotes from the day:

"I brought a top made out of two shirts, two men’s shirts. I have cut it up and made it into a new ladies’ top, so half it is silk and half of it is polyester. You can totally unbutton the two halves from each other. So it means that you can wash [the two halves] separately, but it actually means that one side crinkles much more than the other, so I only have to iron half of that (laughs). (…) You [can wear it without the second half], you can actually unbutton it off and put that over your head and wear it as a halter-top." - from "Multiple functions take time"

"I brought a maxi-skirt. I won it in a competition online and ever since I’ve got it I wear it so much… as a dress as well, sometimes I wear a top over the dress, so it looks like a shorter skirt. This is stretchy, so my friends can wear it… really just perfect garment (laughs)."  -  from "Maxi-use"

"I am wearing a sleeveless shirt, like a tank, that's my boyfriend’s. (…) He does have a good wardrobe (laughs), but I do tend to steal bits of pieces from his wardrobe. I kind of take something, then bring it back, then take something again, then bring it back. (…) - from "He does have a good wardrobe"

"This is a kimono, that I bought from a Japanese furniture store and they’ve got a little fabric and kimono section at the back. …[With a kimono] the choice of lining is always an extra wow factor. And the sleeves always hang so low [you have to do things differently]… I take it off to eat." - from "Kimono behaviour"



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