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Climate-led behaviour

The way clothes are worn constantly changes, in response to economics, culture and the environment. In cold and hot weather nations, the drive to save energy at home and reduce carbon emissions by turning heating thermostats down and cooling units up brings a new (old) focus onto clothes to shelter, protect and nurture.


"My mum made this shawl to keep me warm because I get really really cold and I always wear about a million layers. So she took it upon herself to make it for me and I think she really enjoyed making it and telling me about the different colours graduating through it. And then she just did it for me and gave it me and now she checks up to see if I’ve been wearing it. And I do… as soon as it gets cold I have it downstairs in the living room so from autumn through to the end of the spring every evening I have a duvet over my legs and this wrapped around me and it’s so unbelievably warm. I don’t wear it out at all – it’s totally home comfort. But because she made it and it just feels like she’s with me... a little bit of love and comfort… and so to have this from my Mum is just gorgeous."

Totnes, Devon - June 2009
Photograph by Fiona Bailey