An international fashion research project exploring the 'craft of use'

Limits to Action

As humans we are all finite and faillible: there are limits to what we can do. In recognising the veracity of boundaries we can reflect lived experience and artfully recognise the usefulness of drivers like novelty, variety and nature that influence our lives.

The changing seasons

“For me usually things modify through wear rather than me manipulating that modification. So, over time they’ll wear according to my life. My body. And putting too much stuff in the pockets… And so, this jumper actually hasn’t really changed... Miraculously, it’s pretty much kept its shape. Maybe except the pockets.

I’m rubbish at pockets: I just fill them with lots of stuff and I shouldn’t and the pockets have made it a bit out of shape because I’ve put too much stuff in them as I tend to do. So yes, a tip would be probably to not make the pockets out of wool where I can stretch it and put loads of things in…”

London - December 2012
Photograph by Tim Mitchell