An international fashion research project exploring the 'craft of use'

Material resourcefulness

Garments are fusions of materials and energy brought to the body in myriad configurations, yet the dominant force in fashion, consumerism, tends to value only a narrow spectrum of fashion activity. The practices of material resourcefulness broaden this view and show a burgeoning testing ground of an alternative flows of fibre, fabric and product.


"This skirt was made by a friend of mine who, basically, makes clothes out of recycled materials, just remnants of textiles. She lives in a part of Paris where there’s a lot of, sort of, sweatshops really, textile industry, and she found a bin bag one evening with just remnants of fabric and she decided to do something with it and she’s just started making clothes by double stitching the remnants together. It’s just very, very simple. But I think what she’s got a really good eye for is how things go together."

London - January 2010
Photograph by Sean Michael