An international fashion research project exploring the 'craft of use'

Super Long Life

Making a garment last is very different to making a long-lasting garment. Enduring use is often difficult to predict. It is specific and personal and linked more with ways of thinking, experiences and memories than materials. Finding ways to access these may be critical to third, fourth or fifth lives.

Durable trash

“I wear this weird jumpsuit thing a lot and I inherited from my mum and she inherited from her grandma, so that’s my great grandma. So three generations in my family have worn it. My great grandma bought it when she was going on a package holiday to stay at the beach and do nothing… a kind of trashy culture. And she found this there [while on vacation] in the late ‘70s… So she was a fashionable lady (laughter)… it’s crazy.”

Oslo - March 2012
Photograph by Kristin von Hirsch