An international fashion research project exploring the 'craft of use'

Mixed Use

Irrespective of design intention, a garment can sometimes meet many needs, functioning in ways that are unplanned and idiosyncratic. It calls into being a way of thinking that is primed for making such connections and opens a door to increased use possibilities.

Yves Klein blue

"The blue shawl – I bought it from a house clearance. One room had some clothing on rails and then I spotted one of my favourite colours in a heap on the floor and it was this huge pure wool immense shawl in Yves Klein blue which is one of my all time favourite colours. And what’s particular about it - I love the fact that it was £2 and was probably going to be chucked out and yet it is very glamorous and practical... One story about it… is being at a party and having very lovely trousers on and someone spilt wine and so I had to take them off and put them in salt and the woman of the house was way too skinny for me for me to borrow her clothes so I turned the shawl into a big skirt with a fishtail. And have now started playing with it so at home I now sometimes wear it as a dress. So it’s flexibility I love and I’ve used it as a blanket and I can lend it to people… to any body, any gender, any size..."

Totnes, Devon - June 2009
Photograph by Fiona Bailey