An international fashion research project exploring the 'craft of use'

Mixed Use

Irrespective of design intention, a garment can sometimes meet many needs, functioning in ways that are unplanned and idiosyncratic. It calls into being a way of thinking that is primed for making such connections and opens a door to increased use possibilities.

Reverse to match

"This sweater was a gift from my girlfriend. I like both the texture but also the pattern of it. I think it’s got a really vintage style so with mixing like frame and like beige and like reddish colour but also the thing I really love it’s actually reversible so it depends on what clothes I want to wear. You’ve got the negative on the other side and its really nice beige side but I like to change sometimes. So it can match with a lot of clothes I wear…."

Kolding, Denmark - September 2012
Photograph by Jens Christian