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Patina of Use

With our garments, as with our bodies, the passing of time leaves its mark. Our relationship with these imprints is complex in both domains. With clothes, we sometimes discard pieces because they are ageing, dated, jaded or worn; at other times we buy vintage or pre-distressed pieces, coveting that which looks old. Yet these both overlook the power and pleasure of marking the passing of time as it is recorded in our clothes; the forging of memories, building of knowledge, evolution of appearance.

Ageing denim

"This denim shirt which was originally my brother’s, both brothers’… I think they both wore it actually, and now I’ve got it, pretty much. Or actually, I dug it out, it didn’t really get passed on to me… Being denim it’s pretty durable, I guess. There’s, like, signs of, like, stitching coming away and things but I really like it."

London - January 2010
Photograph by Sean Michael

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