An international fashion research project exploring the 'craft of use'

Patina of Use

With our garments, as with our bodies, the passing of time leaves its mark. Our relationship with these imprints is complex in both domains. With clothes, we sometimes discard pieces because they are ageing, dated, jaded or worn; at other times we buy vintage or pre-distressed pieces, coveting that which looks old. Yet these both overlook the power and pleasure of marking the passing of time as it is recorded in our clothes; the forging of memories, building of knowledge, evolution of appearance.

Name it!

“This is my Dad’s skiing jacket from the 60s. When he met my mum they started to ski together with a group of friends, one was a man called Colin. Colin fell in love with the jacket and grew jealous. My Dad lent it to him for a number of years and Colin sewed his name onto the collar because he had such an affinity with it. Eventually it was returned to my Dad. It’s ugly but I love it.”

Totnes, Devon - June 2009
Photograph by Fiona Bailey