An international fashion research project exploring the 'craft of use'

Flexible Thinking

Wearing the same piece but with with a fluid attitude of openness and flexibility can find novelty in new places. The garment itself stays the same, but the rules and roles of wearing it are re-interpreted. Use is intensified; resources are saved; individuality is reclaimed.

Embassy ready

“My jacket is old; very old in terms of how people buy clothes these days… and it’s a much-loved jacket. My husband saw it and said, ‘this is very you’ and so for me it’s something I that wear during the day and like I’m going out… I’m at the Irish Embassy – St Patricks Day tomorrow; so I can wear this to an Embassy function. And I have just worn it so much in those ten years to all kinds of functions, in different parts of the world. It crumples up in a suit case so this is my sort of… if you worked out, you know, per penny how much it has cost over the years per wear, it’s been wonderful and I’m very fond of it."

London - March 2011
Photograph by Kerry Dean