An international fashion research project exploring the 'craft of use'

Flexible Thinking

Wearing the same piece but with with a fluid attitude of openness and flexibility can find novelty in new places. The garment itself stays the same, but the rules and roles of wearing it are re-interpreted. Use is intensified; resources are saved; individuality is reclaimed.

Cut and colour across boundaries

"I can wear it as an elegant dress but also in my everyday life… [I think this flexibility] is the colour, that greenish yellow colour, it is funny… sticking out a little bit but at the same time the cut is kind of elegant but it is not too short as well… Also when I wear it in different cultures like when I was [recently] in Hong Kong, it draws people’s attention they say ‘Wow what a beautiful dress, it looks really good on you’, but they would not say that when I wore something else, even though I see these people everyday, so it crosses cultures as well…"

Kolding, Denmark - September 2012
Photograph by Jens Christian