An international fashion research project exploring the 'craft of use'

Garment Co-operation

Some garments require a wearer's involvement for them to work well on the body. Others act together differently: using physical form and structure to co-operate with life. They aid and abet and mould our world.

Cut to countours

"This dress I got from a Swiss designer (Ida Gut). It is made in Switzerland, she does all her production [there].... the quality it is really good… I think it is really hard to sew a stretch and woven fabric together, she is very good at making cuts for different types of bodies. When you come inside the shop, there would be a sales person, who has also knowledge of sewing and fashion… so the sales person would see you have this body type… I like this concept of really thinking of the relationship in between the body and the clothes. It is not just something else hanging on the body, she has developed all these special cuts… to really go with the [contours of the] body… an organic kind of cutting that follows the muscles… I also like that I can feel on my body the change of material, it is nice when you can feel that something a little pressure on the body, it gives you kind of, I don’t know, like security like when somebody is holding you know around your waist, it is a good feeling."

Kolding, Denmark - September 2012
Photograph by Jens Christian