An international fashion research project exploring the 'craft of use'

Garment Co-operation

Some garments require a wearer's involvement for them to work well on the body. Others act together differently: using physical form and structure to co-operate with life. They aid and abet and mould our world.

One big pocket

“The jacket’s my dad’s. He passed away six years ago… and it’s been with me [since]. It still has subway transfers in the pocket from when I my dad was younger… sure the jacket is part of him still as well… I get really freaked out that they’re going to fall out sometime and I’m going to lose them so I try not to put other things in this pocket.

Pockets are great, but they also bother me …especially this coat because there’s like two, four, five, there’s like five pockets in it. And you know pockets are great for holding things but you also find that you just happen to lose things. Sometimes pockets can be annoying I find. You know you’re trying to find your bank card and you’ve got pockets in your jeans, pockets in your bag, pockets in your coat, and you’re like, ‘which pocket is it?!’ You know you just kind of want one giant pocket that everything goes into…instead of having all of them.”

London - December 2012
Photograph by Tim Mitchell