An international fashion research project exploring the 'craft of use'

Shared Use

Sharing clothes saves resources if it means fewer pieces are bought. For garments to have multiple users, fit matters; but they also have to be shared with the right people. Sharing works when a bond and joint identity is reinforced by common use; when a memory is re-lived; and when access is gained not just to more and different pieces but also to the values, taste and sensibilities of the owner.

He does have a good wardrobe

"I am wearing a sleeveless shirt, like a tank, that's my boyfriend’s. I didn't button it up properly which was stupid of me. No, I didn’t think I was going to take this off [and get photographed!] He does have a good wardrobe (laughs), but I do tend to steal bits of pieces from his wardrobe. I kind of take something, then bring it back, then take something again, then bring it back. (…) I think I share more than he shares, [he doesn’t really borrow my clothes]. He’ll borrow some of my shoes, but not really my clothes... I guess I have shoes that he likes, not so many clothes that he likes…"

Melbourne - March 2013
Photograph by Paul Allister