An international fashion research project exploring the 'craft of use'

Shared Use

Sharing clothes saves resources if it means fewer pieces are bought. For garments to have multiple users, fit matters; but they also have to be shared with the right people. Sharing works when a bond and joint identity is reinforced by common use; when a memory is re-lived; and when access is gained not just to more and different pieces but also to the values, taste and sensibilities of the owner.


"This is a blazer that I got when my twin-sister and I were travelling through southeast Asia on our first travels together, our first trip overseas alone. And there was a place there that you can go and get anything made.

I’ve always quite liked the shapes of blazers but there they have such outrageous fabrics! And I really liked the magical dragon fabric that I found, actually we both really liked it. So I got this made, and we’ve actually ended up sharing it… it’s probably… [passed between us] seven or eight times]. She is almost as tall as me… it is like the twin-blazer. And it’s also just the most ridiculous party blazer as well (laughs). As soon as you put on, it just sets the tone for the whole evening…"

Wellington, New Zealand - March 2013
Photograph by Aliscia Young