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Shared Use

Sharing clothes saves resources if it means fewer pieces are bought. For garments to have multiple users, fit matters; but they also have to be shared with the right people. Sharing works when a bond and joint identity is reinforced by common use; when a memory is re-lived; and when access is gained not just to more and different pieces but also to the values, taste and sensibilities of the owner.

She still says, "that's my dress!"

“When I go to university I take all my clothes with me as when I come back the ones I’ve left behind no longer remain – they’re either in my sister or my Mum’s wardrobes. As soon as I unpack they rifle through and seize upon stuff they like.”

“I can justify the expense of a garment because I know that it will get worn plenty, even if it’s not by me.”

Bollington, Cheshire - July 2009
Photograph by Fiona Bailey