An international fashion research project exploring the 'craft of use'

Shared Use

Sharing clothes saves resources if it means fewer pieces are bought. For garments to have multiple users, fit matters; but they also have to be shared with the right people. Sharing works when a bond and joint identity is reinforced by common use; when a memory is re-lived; and when access is gained not just to more and different pieces but also to the values, taste and sensibilities of the owner.

Drawstrings and toggles

"It’s made out of a bedspread and in all the seams of the bedspread, I sewed an extra thread and then put cords through all of them and then what I did is put these [drawstrings with toggles] so I can lengthen it and shorten it in a gazillion ways. But the thing is any of my friends –because I have friends who are bigger and smaller –anybody can wear it. So it’s totally adjustable and I can wear it front or back and guys can wear it as a cape. And you can wear it inside out so that the… there’s all kinds of adjustable things that I put so if anybody wants to adjust it in any other way, they can adjust it."

San Francisco - July 2012
Photograph by Paige Green