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My Community

In smaller communities people can more easily see the effects of their own actions on each other and the environment. They can also better understand the ramifications of their choices; allowing them to take responsbility for them. Expressing community through our garment choices sews the seeds of a new type of self-reliance in fashion based on connection to people and place.

British wear

“The whole shebang [sic] is all made by young British designers, mostly using British materials. From fox flannel and British drill cotton… and this is Italian jersey, it’s really super fine but it’s got metal woven into nylon tape… to give that sort of nice effect. It looks fairly, sort of, normal but if the light shines on it you look a little Graham Norton-eske but in a cool way because it’s nicely cut. My socks are Japanese but apart from that everything I wear is British. Not in any sort of jingoistic way but I like promoting young, British talent and I don’t think enough people do it."

London - March 2011
Photograph by Kerry Dean