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My Community

In smaller communities people can more easily see the effects of their own actions on each other and the environment. They can also better understand the ramifications of their choices; allowing them to take responsbility for them. Expressing community through our garment choices sews the seeds of a new type of self-reliance in fashion based on connection to people and place.

Social entrepreneur

“This is my Mum’s old scarf that I grew up with. And these are really well known scarves in Norway. Everyone who was a Socialist or worked in teaching, education or something political, they used those scarves in the 70s... [they] signified people who were interested in creativity and social welfare. [They were] made by a female entrepreneur in Norway called Sigrun Berg... she saw that women had lost the grounding for making money for their house[hold]. So she started people to weave. She started selling cartloads and that’s the way a lot of people managed to keep their homes.”

Oslo - March 2011
Photograph by Kristin von Hirsch