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My Community

In smaller communities people can more easily see the effects of their own actions on each other and the environment. They can also better understand the ramifications of their choices; allowing them to take responsbility for them. Expressing community through our garment choices sews the seeds of a new type of self-reliance in fashion based on connection to people and place.

Freestyle stitch

“This is my Norwegian sweater. It’s hand knitted. It was bought at a jumble sale in the 80s for probably only one [Norwegian] krone or some ridiculous amount. It’s embroidered with Bunad embroidery from my local area… an unbroken tradition of free[style stitching]... you don’t use a pattern when you learn to do this embroidery…. Even though this type of sweater uses Bunads that belong to one area, it’s commonly worn all over Norway but then usually they put ready-made embroideries on it.

If I look at the facebook groups from my town when people are posting their old school photos you can see that everyone was wearing hand knitted sweaters. Up until the ‘70s. In the end of the ‘70s they suddenly disappear and they turn into acrylic stripes instead… They’re still there but not everyone knits anymore like we did.”

Oslo - March 2011
Photograph by Kristin von Hirsch