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Perfect Piece

Consumerist fashion is all about what is right on trend, right for uniform mass-manufacture and ultimately right for the figures on a balance sheet. Lost in the mix are a garment’s finesse, fit, appropriateness; and the space to nurture individuality, skills and confidence in a wearer to recognise and revel in the ‘rightness’ of a particular piece.

Finding the right partnership between wearer and garment is the difference between using a piece time and again or throwing it away. Each partnership, like each person, is different. Matching one with the other and being open to the almost limitless variety of possibilities this enables, underscores fashion system diversity.

Fell into my path

"I’m wearing my pink sweater and I found it on the ground at my best friend’s art opening when we were walking around outside afterward. I was sixteen when I found it so I’ve had it for seven years now and it’s still my favourite sweater. It fits me perfectly and is my favourite colour, the kind of thing that I would have tried really hard to locate in a store but just literally fell into my path and I’ve worn [it] ever since."

San Francisco - April 2011
Photograph by Paige Green

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