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See Things Differently

Garments are both material and message. They cover us up – and reveal us – physically and emotionally. They hold potential to alter how we feel and how we see things, which in turn, change the things we see.

Together we can

"These sandals are made on an island by a shoemaker and they are seven years old now and I always wear them in the summer, every summer. And the special thing about these shoes [is] that they have good soles. And they have been repaired already and my little dog was biting them. She loves shoes. And… they are strong, these shoes, and I can go on holiday with them. I was in Vietnam [with] my daughter in law and I was walking many miles with them and they accompany me through the winter and in summer as well of course: in both seasons. And they want to go on many more journeys. They want to go to Thailand, and to Korea and to China and to Greece and Italy. They have been to France and to Paris and up the Eiffel Tower. And sometimes they get a bit weary of walking and travelling. But they’re really stable. They can take anything."

Berlin - July 2010
Photograph by Stefan Rother

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