An international fashion research project exploring the 'craft of use'

See Things Differently

Garments are both material and message. They cover us up – and reveal us – physically and emotionally. They hold potential to alter how we feel and how we see things, which in turn, change the things we see.

Conversation opener

"I’m wearing a t-shirt which I bought from this designer called Alice Willoughby and she works in England and she creates one-off skirts and they’re often seen as art pieces as well and they’re much coveted fashion items but I bought a t-shirt off her from a craft fair in Devon. And every time I wear it or look at it puts a smile on my face and I think it does with other people too. I’ve worn it in different countries. I wore it in Bangladesh when I was doing a residency there. I’ve worn it in Greece, in England, in America and it always brings comments so I enjoy wearing it and I feel it’s a good start to […] to start a conversation with someone as well."

San Francisco - April 2011
Photograph by Paige Green