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See Things Differently

Garments are both material and message. They cover us up – and reveal us – physically and emotionally. They hold potential to alter how we feel and how we see things, which in turn, change the things we see.


“This coat I bought in the 80s, I think probably around 1988, in Covent Garden in Monmouth Street. And there was a designer there called Steven King, same name as the guy who writes horror fiction. And I saw this coat in there and I think if memory serves me well, it was about eighty pounds. And I just fell for it. And I bought it. And I’ve worn it every year since when it gets cold.

Now, people are nicer to me when I have this coat on than they would be normally… There’s something about the coat that makes me seem friendly I guess. People talk to me who wouldn’t normally speak to me. I get chats. When my daughter was small this was her favourite coat that daddy would put on. She was always happy when she was 5, 6,7,8 if Daddy wore this coat.”

London - December 2012
Photograph by Tim Mitchell

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