An international fashion research project exploring the 'craft of use'

Skills of resourcefulness

Creative activists contribute greatly to society through innovation and experiment, taking on projects that fail to hit the radar of conventional industry. Their work is a training ground for new practices, for trialling novel approaches and reviving old skills that promote alternative ideas about fashion provision and consumption.

Cover and fit

"I crocheted and I designed the pattern for the boot covers… I have really large feet and I get embarrassed by them, so some shoes make them look even larger, so I just wear them over top, so they kind of help "de-accentuate" my feet. (laughs). I make most of my sweaters and hoodies [as] my arms are really long… now the recording will make me sound like I am really weird (laughs) - so I just make my own things. I just make things so they fit properly."

Vancouver - January 2013
Photograph by Jeremy Calhoun