An international fashion research project exploring the 'craft of use'

Skills of resourcefulness

Creative activists contribute greatly to society through innovation and experiment, taking on projects that fail to hit the radar of conventional industry. Their work is a training ground for new practices, for trialling novel approaches and reviving old skills that promote alternative ideas about fashion provision and consumption.

Swap Treasure

“My jeans are from a swapping party. I couldn’t have bought better if I’d have actually bought them from a shop. They were too long so I just paid to have them taken up. I really love going to clothes swaps because it’s such a good way of re-using clothes. One person’s cast off is another person’s treasure and when you go to clothes swaps it’s nice to just see the interaction between people as well. If people have got time to sort of browse and take at their leisure because if somebody sees somebody really loving something that they’ve actually donated, there’s a real feel good factor and quite often people will run up and go ‘I brought that, you know, and it really suits you’. Or, just interaction in the changing room where people are saying, ‘well, this doesn’t fit me but hey, you try it’, you know, so it’s, it’s really lovely.”

London - January 2010
Photograph by Sean Michael