An international fashion research project exploring the 'craft of use'

Transfer of Ownership

Giving a garment to someone else is sometimes a straightforward and spontaneous act. At other times a transfer of ownership is more circuitous. Periods of overlapping ownership often intensify resource use and stud a garment’s story with memories.

Light fingers

“I have a friend then that just robs my stuff. He lives on the Isle of Man now but he stays with me maybe once every couple of months but whenever he leaves he brings stuff with him. He leaves stuff behind as well but it’s not the stuff I want. I’ve started planning in advance now so I have stuff that I’m happy for him to take so I kind of suggest that he brings that stuff with him so it’s slowed down the rate of him taking stuff that I want. It’s not just me though, he does it to everyone. We had to empty his bag at the airport a couple of months ago. He’s got great dress sense so it’s a compliment I suppose.”

Dublin - April 2012
Photograph by Des Moriarty