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Transfer of Ownership

Giving a garment to someone else is sometimes a straightforward and spontaneous act. At other times a transfer of ownership is more circuitous. Periods of overlapping ownership often intensify resource use and stud a garment’s story with memories.

Faded style

“My Dad has never thrown anything away so he’s been keeping lots of old T-shirts and woollen sweaters from the ‘70s and ‘80s. And me and my sister just love them. We’ve borrowed them or just took them over. The t-shirt and woollen cardigan are my Dad’s. I think maybe the cardigan might even have belonged to my grandmother before him…

He hasn’t bought many of new clothes the last twenty years or so and the specific style he had when he was young, I’d say has now faded away now… He’s mostly a quiet man staying at home so he doesn’t attend many social activities. So what he wears is, I guess, mostly for himself now. But it was different of course when he was younger…”

Oslo - March 2012
Photograph by Kristin von Hirsch