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Transfer of Ownership

Giving a garment to someone else is sometimes a straightforward and spontaneous act. At other times a transfer of ownership is more circuitous. Periods of overlapping ownership often intensify resource use and stud a garment’s story with memories.

Not just musical taste

"So this is my dad’s shirt from when he was in his twenties and he went to this festival. And it was kind of the highlight of his life. He always talks about this one festival. …My relationship with my father has a lot to do with music. And I feel like that’s somewhere that we connect… We have the same music taste. I can’t of the top of my head think of something that I wear of my mom’s, actually, even from when she was younger.... This shirt is the first thing that I can think of that’s been passed from my parents to me…"

Vancouver - January 2013
Photograph by Jeremy Calhoun

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