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Transfer of Ownership

Giving a garment to someone else is sometimes a straightforward and spontaneous act. At other times a transfer of ownership is more circuitous. Periods of overlapping ownership often intensify resource use and stud a garment’s story with memories.


"This skirt was originally my mother’s. She bought it when she was travelling in her early twenties. She had it in her wardrobe for a long time, and at one point my sister spied it and liked it very much. And my mother gave it to my sister and my sister moved to New York City and she brought it with her. And then when I moved to New York City and since slowly it’s kind of migrated to my wardrobe. It kind of spanned, or moved through three peoples’ wardrobes, and two people that wear it very regularly, sharing it, I guess."

New York - January 2013
Photograph by Ellinor Stigle