An international fashion research project exploring the 'craft of use'

Open and Adjust

Garments can be reworked to meet changing needs. The knowledge and skills to open up a garment and adjust it to fit enrich and embolden society. They remind us about ingenuity and resourceful possibility and help replace consumption with action.

Half a yard

"I bought the dress to match the shoes. The shoes are adorable and I had to have the perfect dress. And I found it but it was a halter neck with a back out. This was for an evening function for church and I thought I don’t want my total back out, so… I bought two [identical] dresses and used the front of one dress to make the back of this one to close in the halter. … The buttons that were on the other dress I added to the front. I had a little shoulder wrap too in this fabric and the rest I used to make a little bag...

You get something in the store and it’s not quite right, it would be nice if a separate piece of fabric came with it, you know just enough, so that if you wanted to do something different with it... You could do a lot with a yard or even half a yard, if you just wanted to cover up some cleavage or add the hem; half a yard even would do, even at an extra cost. It’s just that you can’t match it when you go to a fabric shop usually. And this dress was $167, and I bought two because I was so adamant about having the correct colour…"

Marin City - July 2012
Photograph by Paige Green