An international fashion research project exploring the 'craft of use'

Open and Adjust

Garments can be reworked to meet changing needs. The knowledge and skills to open up a garment and adjust it to fit enrich and embolden society. They remind us about ingenuity and resourceful possibility and help replace consumption with action.

Tear off the bottom, paint over the logo

"My jacket… I just tore off the bottom cause it’s a normal trench coat and I would feel a bit too stiff or too fancy if I wear it all the way down. It was just second hand but it looked nice when I bought it. It wasn’t all curled, it looked nice. I rarely buy new clothes. I don’t like logos, generally and remove them if it wouldn’t ruin the clothes …I just don’t want to go flash around that I wear brands and I don’t want people to think that I have some agenda… be categorized as some type, or something…"

Kolding, Denmark - September 2012
Photograph by Jens Christian