An international fashion research project exploring the 'craft of use'

Open and Adjust

Garments can be reworked to meet changing needs. The knowledge and skills to open up a garment and adjust it to fit enrich and embolden society. They remind us about ingenuity and resourceful possibility and help replace consumption with action.

The re-alter

"What I’m wearing today is something that I picked up from the thrift store actually. The dress is hot pink with a little bow on the front, sort of an old-fashioned dress, empire waist and it flares out A-line. I changed the back of it, I did a re-alter. It had a pleat in the back but I thought it wouldn’t be flattering for me, so I closed the pleat and I altered the top to make that fit … I did it last night and I made this last night, I just put it together."

Marin City - July 2012
Photograph by Paige Green